Search for an Executive Director

Search for an Executive Director
 For the Military Chaplains Association (MCA)

Executive Director Search 2012

The MCA is the voice of chaplaincy— and a professional organization for chaplains of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Department of Veterans Affairs and Civil Air Patrol.  The MCA articulates its congressional mandate with a professional, prophetic, and pastoral voice.  Located in beautiful Arlington, Virginia, the MCA is a non-profit agency chartered by the United States Congress.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated knowledge and visionary leadership skills including developing and writing policies and procedures in administration, budget and financial management, effective interpersonal relations including proven ability to communicate both orally and in writing, familiarity with military as well as chaplain organizations, and the ability to network with other chaplains throughout various organizations.

The executive director will work with the National Executive Committee to develop and implement its strategic plan and advocate on behalf of chaplain ministry in military and chaplaincy related settings.  The executive director administers the national office including managing its data bases, overseeing its finances and investments, coordinating fund raising activities, writing grants, maintaining records of the organization,  editing MCA publications  and updating the website and Facebook page.

The initial term will be for one year; during which the primary function of the executive director will be to interface with all of our constituencies and working closely with the leadership of the MCA, to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that will strengthen the organization and provide value added to each of our constituencies.

If you are qualified and possess at least five years of experience related to this position, you are encouraged to apply for this position by submitting a letter of application with references and a resume or curriculum vita to the MCA office.  They can be submitted by email to

Salary and Benefits are negotiable depending upon qualifications and experience.

Further information about the MCA may be obtained by contacting  Make inquiries through the MCA office with Deputy Executive Director, Monsignor George Dobes: (703) 533-5890.

Feel free to contact the President or Vice President for clarification and inquiries:

President – Ed Brogan  Cell: 703-395-1820

Vice President – Greg Caiazzo  Cell: (504) 251-5162

During the first year, the duties of the executive director appear in black and the duties of the deputy executive director appear in red.

  1. Works with the National Executive Committee to develop and implement its strategic plan.
  2. Advocates on behalf of chaplain ministry in military and chaplaincy related settings.
  3. Administers the national office and manages its data bases.
  4. Maintains equipment, services, supplies and files in the national office.
  5. Maintains the records of the organization.
  6. Finances and Accounting
    -Banking and transactions
    -Audit and tax preparation IRS 990 Form
    -Form 1099-MISC
  7. Completes application process and publicity for Combined Federal Campaign Application and United Way Campaign Application.
  8. Coordinates meetings of the National Executive Committee and the National Institute.
  9. Maintains the MCA website and Facebook page.
  10. Edits the publications of the MCA.
  11. Coordinates fund raising and writes grants.
  12. Keeps abreast of laws, regulations, directives and doctrine affecting chaplain ministries.
  13. Manages public relations, chapter development, and membership recruitment and retention.
  14. Interfaces with the leadership of chaplaincy and of the military coalition.
  15. Develops and monitors the operating budget.