40th Anniversary of Women in Military Chaplaincy

Women Military Chaplains 40 Anniversary

The 40th anniversary of women in military chaplaincy will be commemorated in 2013.  A joint committee, representing the Army, Navy and Air Force, is developing an exhibit that will be displayed throughout the year at the Women In Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington, VA.  The theme of the exhibit is “Celebrating 40 Years of Women Chaplains: A Courageous Journey of Faith and Service.”  The opening ceremony for the exhibit will be held on March 4, 2013.

Each military service has a different Contact Person:

Navy: CDR Judy Malana;  judy.t.malana@navy.mil;  (703) 614-4438

Army: Chaplain (COL) Barbara K. Sherer; barbara.k.sherer.mil@mail.mil;  (803) 751-8900

Air Force: Chaplain (Maj) Robin J. Stephenson-Bratcher; robin.stephensonbrat@navy.mil;  (202) 767-5900, or Chaplain (Col) Cherri Wheeler; cherri.wheeler@ramstein.af.mil

The joint committee is searching for photos and display items.  While the deadline is very soon, please inquire from the respective service contact person if there is time for a submission and to where it may be sent.

The MCA is planning a special issue of The Military Chaplain highlighting the 40th anniversary.  We are requesting personal stories, reflections, and photos.  We are looking for high resolution photos of women chaplains that show the multifaceted nature of the chaplaincy:  e.g., conducting services, participating in memorials, and working on command religious program projects. 

Submissions to the MCA may be made by email at: chaplains@mca-usa.org, or, hard copies and photographs sent to:


Military Chaplains Association
ATTN: Women Chaplain Anniversary
Post Office Box 7056
Arlington, VA  22207-7056

Submissions to the MCA become its property and will not be returned. 

Please help MCA in commemorating this significant anniversary!