Local Chapters

Local chapters of the Military Chaplains Association provide ministry collaboration and community service.   Each year, chapter members carry out a wide variety of meeting agendas and ministry projects.  These events continue our MCA heritage since 1925, advance the purposes of our congressional charter, and sustain our professional voice for chaplaincies and chaplains.

To discuss the formation of a local MCA chapter, whether fully chartered with the national organization or conducted by informal association, please contact the MCA Executive Director.

Chartered Local Chapters

Kingdom of the Sun (Florida)
President: Hunt, Lamar/Shirley
lamarhunt@comcast.net; (352) 687-1559

President: Rev. Stephen M. Tolander Ph.D. BCC,
tolanders@yahoo.com; (207) 462-1830

National Capital (DC, Maryland, N. Virginia)
Secretary:  Ch, Maj James Lowther, CAP
pastorjimlowther@hotmail.com; mobile (202) 957-2828

Puget  Sound (Pacific Northwest)
Secretary:  John W. Simpson, Ch (Col) USA Ret.
johnsimpsn@juno.com; (253) 833-4180

South Carolina
President: Ch Mike Langston, USN (Ret); mlangston@ciu.edu
Secretary: Ch Sam Boone, USA (Ret); sam.boone@us.army.mil; (803) 751-7316

Southern California
President: Ch. Maj. David Sarmiento (CA ANG); david.sarmiento@ang.af.mil;
Secretary: Ch. Capt. Jeff Montanari (CA ANG); Jeffrey.montanari@ang.af.mil; (949) 705-7481

Susquehanna (Pennsylvania)
Secretary:  CDR Theodore E. Bowers, CHC, USN (Ret)
tolobo@comcast.net; (717) 259-1047