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Long Distance Parents

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Tips for Parents Grappling with “Distance”

In 1981, George Newman and Blossom Valley Press published 101 Ways to be a Long-Distance Super Dad . . . or Mom, Too!   Numerous military chaplains obtained large quantities to support their pre-deployment briefings as well as continued family ministries.   George updated the book in 2008 and has inventory available.  

This book offers help for the parent who lives or works distant from his or her children, but wants to remain an important part of their lives.  An award-winning journalist, George draws on his own experience as a divorced father, sharing valuable insights for strengthening the parent-child relationship across the miles.

The new edition includes tips for using the latest technology – including the Internet, and “Virtual Visitation.”  There are creative ideas for special occasions including holidays, graduations, and special achievement honors. 

The book has been widely endorsed by parents groups, conciliation court counselors, domestic court judges, and military chaplains.   Easily accessible and very practical, it is highly recommended to parents who want to keep in close contact with their children, but find it difficult to overcome the barriers posed by distance.

George Newman’s tips apply beyond military deployments  or other situations of regular distance from children.  They also could be extremely helpful for Warriors who have returned home with various wounds and are struggling with family relationships.  Reading George’s 101 Ways . . . provokes the imagination for other practical ideas to overcome “distance” with children.

A good friend of the Military Chaplains Association, George and Blossom Valley Press offer special discounted bulk quantity rates for all military chaplain orders.  The publisher is CCR registered with DOD.  See below for contact information.

Blossom Valley Press / 5141 E. Woodgate Lane / P. O. Box 13378 / Tucson, AZ  85732-3378

(520) 325-1224 /


Chaplain Gunhus’ Health Update

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In November 2008, Chaplain (Major General) Gaylord T. Gunhus, former Army Chief of Chaplains, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that develops in the protective lining that covers many of the body’s internal organs.  It is usually caused by exposure to asbestos.

Chaplain Gunhus speaking to MCA and Veterans Affairs chaplain leaders about mentoring new chaplains

Last May, Chaplain Gunhus circulated an update to a vast network of prayer intercessors. The link below connects with that letter as published in the MCA’s Fall 2010 issue of The Military Chaplain. 

At present, Chaplain Gunhus is particularly active with the Guideposts ministry to the military.  He continues to mentor countless military chaplains as well as civilian clergy at all stages of their careers.  Chaplain Gunhus is a Life Member of the MCA, former National Executive Committee member, and ongoing consultant on strategic ministry.

We join Chaplain Gunhus and his family in thanksgiving to our merciful and faithful God for the healing care provided throughout many challenging months since November 2008.

Chaplain Gunhus’ Fourth Update – 22 May 2010

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Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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The VA released a message by actor Gary Sinise, urging Veterans in distress to contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Learn more at . See… for Section 508 compliant video.

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