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Taking Care of Our Heroes

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A child tells classmates about her hero. Her hero is her father, an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs. See for the 508 compliant version of this video.

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The Welcome Home Initiative is looking for members of the Armed Services and Veterans.

Not to give more service – but rather to receive prayerful and practical ministry.

The Episcopal Diocese of Albany, NY sponsors a special retreat for military Veterans – whether active, prior service, or retired – called the Welcome Home Initiative (WHI).  This retreat is an exceptional opportunity to relax, reflect, renew, and restore.  The Retreat Team provides support, prayer, and other resources to help military members and Veterans deal with primary or secondary combat and operational stress, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as poly-trauma, moral, and other war injuries.  The WHI also reaches out to spouses and individual family members.

All retreat activities are conducted in an environment of nurture and careful consideration for confidential needs.  The Reverend Nigel Mumford, a combat Veteran and contemporary leader in healing ministries, is the overall Retreat Director.  Father Nigel is joined by a team of individuals who have combat experience or otherwise hold significant understanding of and appreciation for the unique strains and consequences of military life and war.  The retreat takes place in a clearly Christian facility and context.  However, Retreat Teams do not pressure WHI participants to adopt the religious views of the facility or their Team.

A  closing ceremony for the WHI Retreat.  Army Captain Eric Chen relates his experience of trauma while serving in Iraq and healing received during the retreat. 

The retreat occurs over a three day period.  Participants do not pay for lodging, food, snacks, or retreat materials.  They are gifts!  Simply register and then travel to Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, NY.  [About 35 miles from Albany]

The next WHI Retreat is scheduled for 8-10 November 2010.  Discover more information by visiting or calling (518) 692-9550 to request a brochure.  For registration, please contact Sandra at (518) 692-9550 extension 202.   

As a Navy Veteran, the Military Chaplains Association Executive Director attended a retreat in Greenwich last January.  MCA members from various military backgrounds serve on WHI Retreat Teams.  All of us strongly encourage your consideration of this unique invitation – whether you are a Warrior, a family member, or a chaplain.

Please note!  A brand new WHI – West retreat opportunity will occur in Colorado Springs, CO from        27- 29 September 2010.  As of 16 September, participant spaces are still available.   Call Chaplain Mike Williams at (719) 649-8764 or email to



Inspiring Lecture on “Hero Chaplains”

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Dr. John Brinsfield, Army Chaplain Historian, speaks about “Hero Chaplains” at the MCA Veterans Day Banquet.

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