Care for Same-gender Couples

20130903 Chaplain Corps Guidance on Care for Same_Gender Couples


On behalf of Chaplain, Major General Howard D. Stendahl, AF/HC, Chief of Chaplains, please find attached the official memorandum with subject “Chaplain Corps Guidance on care for Same-gender Couples”.  Please ensure its widest dissemination.

Please ensure that the field work with AF/HCP, AF/HCX, the Chaplain Assistant Career Field Manager, and/or the Deputy Chief of Chaplains to get the answers they need via respective MAJCOM/HC.

It is the Chief of Chaplains’ vision to have a Chaplain Corps totally committed to Airmen and their families.  All must remain committed to consistently providing religious and spiritual care to all.  His expectation is that all will be treated with respect and hospitality as we continue to Glorify God, Serve Airmen, and Pursue Excellence in all we do!