Wounded Healer

A Personal Story of a Vietnam Veteran Who Lost his Legs but Found His Soul
It was early morning, June 17, 1967, and Dak To Special Forces camp in Vietnam was under attack. A mortar exploded, and West Point graduate Allen B. Clark Jr.’s life was changed forever. This is the story of how one soldier, so gravely injured that both of his legs were amputated, turned his grievous loss into a personal triumph. Clark describes his struggle through a year-long recovery and a severe bout of post traumatic stress disorder, so little understood at the time. He tells of earning his MBA from Southern Methodist University and finding employment as a personal financial assistant to Ross Perot, of moving on to public service and founding the Combat Faith Ministry, a lay ministry to veterans. Clark’s story of growth and spiritual fulfillment wrested from his wartime tragedy is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and is of special relevance in our day of so many soldiers returning wounded in body and spirit from Iraq. About the Author
Vietnam veteran Allen B. Clark Jr. is founder of the Combat Faith Ministry. He served in the federal government as an assistant secretary in the Department of Veterans Affairs and later director of the National Cemetery System from 1989 to 1993. He lives in Dallas, Texas.  For information on his ministry, visit www.combatfaith.com.