The South Granville Congregational church is currently seeking a part-time pastor. Salary is negotiable based on education and experience. We would prefer a Seminary student, graduate,  and/or someone with considerable Pastoral experience. We would like to see a demonstrated commitment to the Christian faith and the principles of teaching from the Holy Bible.  

We are seeking someone with strong preaching and teaching skills. We want you to inspire us, educate us, and help us grow in our faith.  

We are looking for someone who has leadership experience in Pastoral ministry, including Pastoral care, worship planning, and community involvement.  

We would benefit greatly from someone with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. We want you to connect with us, as we are individuals and families of all ages, backgrounds and walks of  life.  

We would blossom with a Spiritual leader who has a heart for Pastoral care and a desire to walk alongside us and our families during both times of celebration and times of difficulty. 

We are an independent Congregational Church; we are not affiliated with the NACCC. The object of a  Congregational Church shall be to bind together the followers of Jesus Christ for the purpose of sharing the worship of God and in making his will dominant in the lives of men and women, individually and collectively, especially as that will is set forth in the life, teachings, death, and living presence of Jesus Christ. 

A Congregational Church acknowledges Jesus Christ as its head and finds in the Holy Scriptures, interpreted by the Divine Spirit through faith, conscience, and reason, its guidance in all matters of faith and practice. The government of the Church shall be vested in its members, who exercise the  right of control in all its affairs.”+  


Job Description

*Lead and oversee all aspects of worship services, including the observation of ordinances and  proclamation of the immutable Word of God and loving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  *Provide pastoral care and support to meet the needs of the congregation and the community,  offering guidance, counsel, and prayer during times of joy, sorrow, and spiritual growth.  *Using a collaborative spirit, work effectively with staff, volunteers, and church leaders to achieve  shared goals and objectives. 


  1. Weekly Activities 

*Prepare for and conduct worship services, lead in the observance of the ordinances, and inspire the proclamation of the Gospel.  

*Collaborate with church leaders, committees, and volunteers to create and implement strategies for discipleship, spiritual growth, and community outreach.  

*Provide guidance for all aspects of church finances, including budgets and expenses.  *Facilitate/support the Adult Bible Study and youth programs (Light Club and VBS).  

  1. Additional Activities (as needed) 

*Provide home/hospital/hospice care and support (illness, communion, prayer, etc.).  *Conduct premarital/vocational/family/bereavement (etc.) counseling. 

*Perform wedding ceremonies, funeral/memorial services, baptisms. 

*Support the congregation in membership recruitment, including a possible visitation program for  inactive and/or prospect members.  

*Support the congregation in mission work (local, regional, national, and international).  *Serve as a representative of the church in civic matters, i.e. Mettowee Valley Ecumenical Council  meetings and activities, as scheduled. 

About Our Church and Area 

Nestled in the beautiful hills surrounding Granville stands a quintessential New England country  church. Originally founded in 1789, with a rich and full history, South Granville Congregational Church  (SGCC) today is a thriving church of about 45 strong believers who enjoy faith, fellowship, and service. We live and worship together serving God and our community. Listed in the National Registry of Historical Places, SGCC has been a beacon of love, hope, and spiritual guidance for over 200 years. Notable pastors include Lemuel Haynes (1822–1833), the first ordained Black, abolitionist  Pastor in the United States. As an independent Congregational Church, we believe that the Holy Bible  is the Inspired Word of God. You will find Biblical preaching during our services and Bible Studies. We also believe in the tenets of the Apostles’ Creed. We have the Adirondack Mountains to the west, the Green Mountains of Vermont to the east, and Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Lake Placid and many other lakes and state/local parks nearby. Not only are we surrounded by the four-season glory of nature, but we also have incredible hiking, boating, cycling, skiing, and other outdoor recreational  activities. As a bonus, this area is steeped in history and significant historical sites. 

Additional information about our church can be found on our website  For more information about this position, please email your interest to

We look forward to hearing from you!