The Military Chaplain
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Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America

2017 Advertising Rates
The Military Chaplain is available for advertisements in each of our quarterly issues. Advertisements are available to individuals and organizations. Content must be consistent with the mission of the Military Chaplains Association.
Ad payment and copy deadlines are:
 10 March for Spring (March) Issue
 30 May for Summer (June) Issue
 30 August for Fall (September) Issue
 20 November for Winter (December) Issue
 1 March for Spring (March) issue 2018 – included at 2017 rates for a limited time with commitment to a full year ad

— Classified Ads: $1.00 per word
— One-eighth page (3.625 x 2.375) $150 Ideal for short announcements or tributes.
— One-quarter page (3.625 x 4.9) $250 Room for a small graphic and major text.
— One-half page (8.5-6.5) $375 Room for medium graphic and major text.
— Full page (8.5 x 11)** $750 For inside pages other than inside covers.*
— Inside cover (8.5 x 11)** $900 For inside covers front or back* (check availability)
— Back Cover (8 x 8 keep text .5 from edges) $1000 Size due to postal regulations (check availability)
— Web page – Free to magazine advertisers. $10 per month or $100 per year.

*limit of two in these categories per issue.
**trim size is 8.5×11. Please keep important text .375 away from edges and add an additional .125 on all sides for bleed.

DISCOUNT – 25% discount provided for all commitments of four issues

Please address inquiries / requests to Editor at or phone 703-533-5890
USPS – The Military Chaplains Association
PO Box 7056
Arlington, VA 22207-7056
“Proudly serving for over 90 years”