The First Presbyterian Church and the Barnesville, Ohio Presbyterian Church are seeking a pastor.

The First Presbyterian Church in St. Clairsville, Ohio and the Barnesville, Ohio Presbyterian Church are seeking a Pastor to serve both Congregations. The Barnesville, Ohio church has a nance. We are hoping to find someone who will Pastor for several years. Both churches are over 100 years old.
The distance between church is approximately 20 minutes, mostly via Interstate 70.
Someone interested can call our Session Clerk, Nettie Bench at 740-9021-9168.

The Orient Congregational Church is seeking a pastor

The Orient Congregational Church is over 300 years old.  It has long been a part of the hamlet of Orient, once mainly an agricultural and fishing community  While some farms still thrive and local oystering is enjoying a revival, the natural beauty of its location on the Long Island Sound has drawn second family homeowners from New York City and thereabouts.  Given the many societal changes, the Church is actively reaching out to the broader community, partnering with local businesses and community groups, and sharing activities.

Following the teachings of Jesus, OCC is not only Open and Affirming but also a welcoming church to everyone who seeks spiritual support in their life’s journey and to deepen their relationship with God.  We believe the pursuit of social justice is implicit in the gospels.  Our goal: Expand our church membership to all spiritual seekers while bearing witness to the relevance of Jesus’ teachings in the modern world.

The pastor we seek should have a true spiritual calling evidenced by the qualities of compassion, empathy and of necessity, a sense of humor…able to minister to the needs of its core membership but also to reach beyond it to enable the church to thrive.

This a part-time  position, ideal for someone who is semi-retired or has a second income.  The church has a lovingly restored parsonage.  It is located next to an excellent school in an area known for its beaches and boating.  The location is prime to drive to New York City or take the ferry to New England.

More information can be accessed on the church website at

Or contacting Search Committee Co-chair, Sandra Sinclair at

Military Chaplains Association is looking for an Associate Pastor.

We would like to share an opportunity for our retired military Chaplain to come along side of a growing congregation as an Associate Pastor. The following is the Job description:

Associate Pastor
Church Overview:

Our Mission: We Desire to Know God, Grow Together in Faith, and Proclaim Christ.

Our Values: At Grace Community Church, our community loves Jesus and wants others to worship him with us. We gather regularly to glorify God through the following:

The Gospel
We believe there is salvation in no one else other than Jesus. Therefore, we desire to consistently proclaim the good news about a relationship with Jesus Christ and the life in his kingdom, both now and in eternity. We consider Jesus to be not only our savior but also our king. And as such, we submit ourselves to his rule and authority.
God’s Word
We believe the Bible to be the Word of God that provides knowledge for salvation and righteous living. Through the written Word of God, we know the revealed Word of God, Jesus. We value the work of the Holy Spirit in each believer to correctly handle the Word of truth.
Salvation includes bringing individuals into a gospel-driven community. We grow when sharing our lives with others in our church family and by taking Jesus’ call to love our neighbors seriously and to bring blessings to our town so that God will be known and glorified.
We believe that a growing relationship with God means that we will grow to look more like Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, individually and communally. We value spiritual growth and desire to reproduce our lives by helping new believers become devoted followers of Jesus.

We Are An Elder–Led Church

Grace is an elder-led and elder-ruled church. Practically, this means the leadership of the elder board decides upon decisions that affect the entire body, and these decisions are based on the members’ feedback within the congregation. Members entrust the church’s spiritual leadership to the elders.

The elders are the lead pastors and shepherds of the body of believers at Grace. This means that the elders are to be involved in prayer, teaching the Word, member care, guidance, feeding the flock, and being present for members. We desire our elders to “smell like the sheep” they minister to. That means our elders are highly involved in the lives of the members at Grace.

We Are A Small Town Community

Greenville is a town of about 30,000 people 45 miles east of Dallas, TX. Our community is rapidly growing, and as a church, we desire to train future leaders within our family who can be a blessing and revitalize local churches. We want to grow, not by becoming more extensive, but by building the church of Christ within our community. We are in the early stages of implementing this area and looking for the right leader to help us reach these goals.

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities: Discipleship Coordination of Church Leaders/Life Group Leaders/Deacons, Member Care and Biblical Counsel, Teaching, Coordination of Outreach Ministries, Safety/Security Protocols, and Occasional Preaching.

Specifically, this position will help care for the church by:

Discipleship/Leadership Development:
The senior pastor desires a co-pastor who can work with him to develop lay members into disciple-makers. We want Grace to be a church that trains leaders to send them out to other churches for revitalization and growth.
The associate pastor will help to develop and train life group leaders and establish new life groups within the church as the congregation grows.
Ideally, the associate would be involved in developing and teaching our in-house curriculum.

Sharing the pastoral load of counseling, member care, hospital visitations, etc. We desire our pastoral staff to meet with members and visitors regularly to know them well and to be known by them. This role would include both performing these duties, but also training others to do them as well.
This role will grow to include working with deacons to participate in ongoing Christian education for counseling. In time, Grace’s counseling ministry will fall under the Deacon’s supervision, and the associate will be involved in this educational process.

Service & Outreach Ministry Oversight:
Discipleship, creating, and implementing safety protocols and guidelines for mercy ministries, other outreach ministries, etc. This position aims to help our deacons be discipled and trained to be more effective ministry leaders.
Working with the deacons to establish new evangelism and outreach ministries. Grace desires our deacons to be the primary hands and feet of the church. The associate will provide spiritual oversight to make these ministries more effective.
Help manage fire safety protocol, shooter/intruder, background checks, CPR training, abuse training for the care of minors, coordinating with the city when needed for inspections, etc.

Additional Responsibilities:

Additionally, this position will assist the broader ministries of the church by:

Occasional preaching during the year. This would include a willingness to fill the pulpit on an emergency basis. This position is NOT a primary preaching role.
Community and City Involvement in Greenville: Greenville Minister’s Association, For the City, Fish (local benevolence ministry).
Attending regular corporate gatherings of GCC and addressing congregational needs as required.
Attending elder, deacon, and staff meetings. As well as other necessary gatherings of the staff.
Participating in a GCC Life Group.


Education/Experience: Theological Masters Level degree preferred. Previous pastoral and/or counseling experience with a lower theological degree may be substituted for a master’s.

Additional Job Details

Position: Full-Time

Salary/Benefits: $60,000 + Benefits Package (Negotiable based upon experience and education)

Elder: This position would become an elder position after a waiting period.

Location: Greenville, TX

Website: Grace Community Church

Sermon Podcasts: Search for Grace Community Church Greenville, TX Apple Google Spotify

Bethel Baptist Church is actively looking for a new lead pastor

We are committed as a Church to continue to pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit as we navigate the process of selecting candidates for the Pastor position.

He will be a man who follows God’s Word and serves as outlined in Timothy 3:2-7; Titus 1:6-9; Acts 6:4; Acts 20:28-30; 1 Peter 5:2-4; and Ephesians 4:11-16. In addition to the man that is willing to follow the above verses, we prefer a candidate that has the following:


We prefer someone with a seminary degree. 


➔ The ability to prepare and preach sermons that are easy to understand and will hold the congregation’s attention. 

➔ The ability to teach most subjects using not only Biblical knowledge, but also real-life examples. 

➔ The desire and passion to disciple and mentor new believers. 

➔ A commitment to go out into the community and evangelize, talk freely about Jesus. Help prepare and hold outreach events small and large. 

➔ Evidence of good people skills. 


 A strong, compassionate team-building leader. Willingness to work amicably with deacons and staff. 


 Committed to preaching and teaching. The ability to work with people. Participates in personal prayer and Bible study. The ability to plan and have a vision for the church. Evangelism and counseling competency. Possesses an administrative ability and willingness to keep accurate records and give a report at meetings. 


 candidates must agree to and abide by our Church’s covenant and constitution

Interested parties may contact the church office via email at:

or by phone at 716-484-9221


Forestdale Community Church Pastor Announcement

Forestdale Community Church Pastor Announcement

The Forestdale Community Church is currently seeking a Pastor. Paul McPheeters retired as Pastor in 2022 after 39 years and we are seeking a Pastor to lead and shepherd us as we move forward in our Christian journey. 

The Forestdale Community Church is a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and shares its core values. We are foremost a gospel-centered church. Our heritage is Congregational and we adhere to the Reformed tradition. We aspire to create and maintain a community characterized by spiritual learning and growth consistent with God’s Word. 

We are a Christ-centered, Bible believing, Gospel based Church. 

We are a caring community with a core of committed believers. 

We are a Church who wants to continue to be used as an instrument of Christ. 

The Forestdale Community Church has been in existence in the Forestdale neighborhood of Malden, Massachusetts for 131 years. Our current church population is an aging one, with only a few children and some young adults as part of our regular congregation. We currently attract twenty-five to thirty-five people to our Sunday service each week, in person, with another fifteen to twenty individuals viewing online. 

Our church building is mortgage free and we are financially solvent. The Church is located in Malden, a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. At the time of the 2020 U.S. Census, the population was approximately 66,000 people. The City is one of the most diverse in the entire State with more than sixty languages spoken by the students in our public schools. We are located only five miles from the historic City of Boston. 

Position Requirements: 

A humble and caring servant of God, an approachable and personable Pastor with relational gifts.

★ Master of Divinity, Preferred 

3-5 years experience as an Associate Pastor or Pastor, or the equivalent experience in Christian Ministry, ie. Campus Ministry or Pastoral Counseling. 

Passion for urban ministry, evangelism, and youth ministry. 

Gifts of preaching and teaching. 

We anticipate the total compensation package to be $62,500. 

The Pastor is responsible to the church for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, using his skills in administrative leadership, and engaging in pastoral care ministries to meet the needs of persons in the church. 

Pastoral Responsibilities include: 

● Be a spiritual example and pastoral leader according to the standards set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and 1 Peter 5:1-4. 

● Prepare and conduct Sunday worship services and special holiday services; lead in the observance of communion; and, lead the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church and community. 

● Teach/lead weekly adult Bible studies. 

● With discipleship in mind, develop and deliver adult education curriculum (Adult Sunday School) for the ongoing spiritual growth and maturity of the church body. ● Plan and coordinate worship in conjunction with music leaders and Deacons, ensuring a Biblical basis of all content. 

● Conduct premarital, vocational, family, bereavement sessions, etc., as needed. Advise other professional help when necessary. 

● Perform baptisms, wedding ceremonies and conduct funeral services. ● Lead new member classes. 

● Inspire and motivate the church to accomplish its vision for growth including community outreach, member visitations and counseling, and by providing support and guidance to youth and teen ministries. 

● Serve as the leader in seeking to win the unsaved and un-enlisted; lead the membership in evangelism training. 

● Work with deacons, church officers, and committees in performing assigned responsibilities. 

● Serve as the liaison to the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. ● Serve as a representative of the Church in civic matters. 

For consideration please submit a statement of interest, your Statement of Faith, and a complete resume. Please send all materials electronically to with the Topic/Subject line of Forestdale Community Church Pastor Search. Inquiries can be sent to the same email.