The Military Chaplains Association maintains three categories of annual awards.  These awards are a reflection of two major MCA features – ministry profession advocacy and ministry profession support.

The National Citizenship Award

Recognizes individuals who make a significant contribution in public service and who support the values and needs of our nation’s military members and their families.   Selected annually by the MCA National Executive Committee.  Presented during the MCA National Institute.

Recipients to date
Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, Jan McCormack, US Air Force (Retired)


The David E. White Leadership Award

Established in 2005 by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).  Chaplain David E. White, former MCA Executive Director and Past National President was the first recipient.   Recognizes lifetime commitment as a chaplain, vision for Joint service and inter-agency collaboration, and overall ministry professionalism.  Selected by a committee from MOAA and MCA.  Presented annually during the MCA  National Institute.

Recipients to date

Captain Fred Zobel, Chaplain, US Navy (Retired)

The G. William Dando Volunteer Service Award

G. William Dando (LCDR, CHC, USN) became the Executive Director of the MCA in 1990 after his retirement from the Navy. He was endorsed by the Presbyterian Church (USA). Chaplain Dando joined the MCA in 1967 and became a Life Member in 1978. He was involved with governance and leadership of the Association for three decades until his death in 1997. Because of his leadership and the example he set, our award for volunteer service is named for him.

Recipients to date

Chaplain, Colonel Carl Andrews, US Air Force (Retired)

2021 MCA Distinguished Service Awards

The MCA Distinguuished Service Award was initiated in 1991. This year we are delighted to recognize the ministries of chaplains in the Army, Air Force, Sea Services, Civil Air Patrol, and Departmnet of Veterans Affairs.

Recipients to date

United States Army
CH (MAJ) Bill Kim, US Army
CH (MAJ) David Pyle, US Army Reserve
CH (MAJ) Lance Sellon, US Army National Guard

United States Navy

LCDR Yonatan M. Warren, CHC, US Navy

LT Tianna Ren, CHC, US Navy (Serving with the Marines)
LT Bradley J. Spear, CHC, US Navy (Serving with the Coast Guard)

United States Air Force
Ch, Capt, James Taylor, US Air Force
Ch, Maj, Matthew Wilson, US Air Force Reserve
Ch, Maj, Ryan Yi, Air National Guard

Civil Air Patrol
Ch, Maj, Theodore Jenny, Civil Air Patrol

Department of Veterans Affairs
Chaplain Kristen Melton, Department of Veterans Affairs

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