Funding the MCA


In order to maintain and grow the ministries of the Military Chaplain Association, each of us plays an important part.

Here are ways you can help:

Renew Annual Membership: By renewing your annual regular or associate membership early each year, we can better plan our annual budget.  Use the link on our website or send a check to the national office with “Renewal” on the memo line.

Charitable Giving: Include the MCA in your annual tithe at a level of 1% of your income (a tithe of your tithe). If that isn’t possible, consider just $50/month, or more.

Emerson Foundation: Donate $1000 in any calendar year specified to the Foundation.  Become a multi-year donor.

Magazine Advertising:  Do you know someone who might want to advertise in our quarterly magazine? Send their contact information to the National Office and we will make the inquiry.

Chaplain Candidate Scholarships: Each year we give three $1000 scholarships to support the education of chaplain candidates.  We would gladly accept sponsorships for each of them.

Bequests and Insurance:  Consult your financial advisor about how to leave a portion of your estate to the MCA when you finish your ministry on earth.

CARS: You can donate your car to help our organization. Donate A Car To Support A Nonprofit or Charity (

Click on the Donate button to make an online, secure donation — either one-time or a recurring, automatic monthly contribution.  Thank you!

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