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Considering membership in the Military Chaplains Association?


Here is essential information to answer some frequently asked questions.


Who is eligible for membership?

♦ Chaplains past and present from the Armed Forces, Department of Veterans Affairs, Civil Air Patrol and other government agencies.

♦ Associate membership includes past and present religious support personnel from the above mentioned services, spouses, and other staff members and individuals that support the goals and objectives of the MCA.

Why belong to the Military Chaplains Association?

An overview of our Association’s ministry involves three major features:

♦We are the only congressionally chartered association that advocates on behalf of military chaplains

♦ The association promotes and develops the education and professional well being of its members

♦ The association provides a forum for professional and educational dialog among its members across all spectrums of the chaplaincy


An Association That Is Dedicated To

♦ Promoting the concept, commitment and calling of “Chaplains for Life.”

♦ Safeguarding the religious needs and spiritual welfare for all chaplains

♦ Providing referral and outreach to those needing chaplains where none are available

♦ Assisting those in the chaplain candidate program through our scholarship program


Information and Referral

♦ Respond to inquiries regarding chaplains, chaplaincies, and religious expression in the Armed Services and Department of Veterans Affairs.

♦ Assist people both inside and outside the government system to gain appropriate access for information and issue resolution. We receive hundreds of questions every year, especially from people who are “outside the gate.”

♦ Maintain a database of over 8,600 chaplains – active, Guard, Reserve, retired, or deceased.

How much does it cost to join?

Annual Memberships are:

♦ Introductory – $25 processing fee anytime during the calendar year of initial participation.

♦ Regular & Associate renewals – $75 per calendar year. Renewal period is January and February.

Life Memberships are:

♦ Up to 55 years of age – $600 ♦ Ages 56 to 65 – $500 ♦ Ages 66 and above – $400

Contact the MCA National Office to arrange payment for Life Membership in three installments as needed.

How do I apply for MCA membership?

Print out an application form and mail it to MCA along with a check at the Introductory or Life member level you choose. Or fill out the application and submit your payment online, by clicking the buttons below. For new Associate annual and Associate life members, please include a short statement of your background and interest in supporting military and Veterans Affairs chaplaincy.

Thank you for your service to community and Nation!

– We hope you will join with us soon –

Annual Membership

$25.00 for 12 months

$25 for 12 months
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